Re:M Chapter 1 + Trailer [Progress Update]

Re:M Chapter 1 + Trailer [Progress Update]

“If I go along with you… will I eventually find out who I really am?” – Cynthia Castel

Hello! This is a news update for Re:Memorize Chapter 1, along with a brand new trailer for the visual novel! Check it out right above!

Also, as of right now, there are only 6 pages left that need editing for Chapter 1. After that, Chapter 1 will officially be finished.

Chapter 2 character sprites, backgrounds, and CG arts are currently in the making, along with sound tweaking and other quality of life additions.

The Kickstarter page will be typed up very soon.


Developer Side Notes:

“Patience is key. However, there is only so much time...”

As things are being delayed by the day, the only thing I can do is continue drawing the art for the incoming chapters. As well as any sounds, music, and other miscellaneous things. 

Like I’ve mentioned in the previous dev-logs, I originally thought Chapter 1 would be done sooner. (a lot sooner)

In retrospect, Chapter 1 contains about 18,000~ words, spanning a total of 80 pages.

Some chapters are much shorter, and some are much longer. I can’t gauge how much time is needed per chapter as that number is vastly varied.

But, what I do know is… trying to finish Re:Memorize by the end of 2023… That’s a very slim chance.

Maybe my expectations for myself are too high, too unrealistic. However, I just hope that that patience, (even from the friends and family that support me) doesn’t fade over time…

That, is one of my biggest fears. 


And with that being said, that will be everything for this month. We thank you for your patience, support, and encouragement.

Sincerely – Project Re:M Team

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