Re:M Chapter 2 + Kickstarter [Progress Update]

Greetings~ This is the Re:Memorize Chapter 2 update, as well as the current status of the Kickstarter.

For those who are unaware, I posted a dev-log a week or so back (March 26) announcing the launch of the Re:Memorize Kickstarter. We’re only about 20 days in as of writing this log, so there’s still time to pledge if you’re interested. Your support is greatly appreciated and will help speed up the full version process~ 

Finally, Re:Memorize Chapter 2 is in the works. 

We have also taken steps to speed up the scripting process, so hopefully, it would help us catch up to our initial goals for 2022.

For more clarity, the goals look somewhat like this: 

2022: First five chapters (or more) of the Main Storyline.

2023: Last five chapters of the Main Storyline + Character Side Chapters + Bonus Chapter.

2024: Touch-up and Finalizing.

We’re all giving our best when working on this visual novel. Even though the future is still uncertain, there’s only one thing I do know - and that Re:Memorize will be completed.

Sincerely – Project Re:M Team

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