Re:M Chapter 2 + Kickstarter Relaunch [Progress Update]

Re:M Chapter 2 + Kickstarter Relaunch [Progress Update]

Hello! This is the Re:Memorize Chapter 2 update, as well as the current status of the first Kickstarter, and upcoming relaunch in July.

Although the first campaign didn’t meet the funding goal, the support we’ve gotten throughout the 30 days was honestly heartfelt. So much so, that I want to give a huge thank you to those who have backed the campaign. Your support will not be forgotten.

But, I don’t plan to give up there. I have made plans to relaunch the Re:Memorize Kickstarter in July. with updated details, images, tiers, and add-ons. It will be very different compared to the first campaign, and I hope it would do much better. ^^

I’ll also be posting more frequently on Twitter in the month of June to promote the relaunch. Maybe give a follow there, or share it with a friend~

— ❖—

As for the progress of Re:Memorize Chapter 2, I’m slowly, but surely making my rounds on the art needed for the chapter. But unfortunately, due to my editor's mental health, the editing for chapter 2 has indefinitely stalled.

— ❖—

There are many things I need to get to before June arrives, so let's see what happens for this unpredictable month.

Sincerely – Project Re:M Team

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