Re:M Chapter 3 + Kickstarter Relaunch Date Confirmed!

Re:M Chapter 3 + Kickstarter Relaunch Date Confirmed!

Wow, I can’t believe June is here, and its already going by so fast. But, there is good news upon good news~ So let’s jump right into it!

The Re:Memorize Kickstarter Relaunch is officially happening on July 1st.

Re:Memorize Relaunch

With many adjustments having been made since the first campaign, some notable things include: 

  • A New Funding Goal
  • More Stretch Goals
  • Revamped Tiers
  • Optional Add-Ons

And so, so… much more. (I can’t even explain them all.)

Some sneak peaks will be posted on Twitter throughout June, so I hope it will garner some attractions! Maybe share it with a friend and/or repost them~ Your support will greatly help the relaunches success! C;

— ❖—

As for the overall progress of the VN, I have already started working on the CG Art and pre-planning for Chapter 3.1. Because Chapter 3 is split into three parts due to the length of the chapter, it will take some time to organize everything. 

Why is it so long? Well, let's just say… It's the "training arc" in the story.

— ❖—

The editing, unfortunately, still hasn't budged.

But when it does, it won't take long to turn it into code as we have a master coder on our team! ><

— ❖—

And with that, that'll be all for this dev-log. In July, I'll be focusing on Kickstarter and posting backer updates more frequently there. If you are interested in being a backer, or just curious what the fuss is about, click on the green letters up above, and it will show you!

Anyways, you all in July!

From the project lead,

 — Selene K

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