Re:Memorize Kickstarter Relaunch Officially LIVE! + Re:M Chapter 4

Re:Memorize Kickstarter Relaunch Officially LIVE!

Hello! This is Selene, Project Lead of Re:Memorize~ 

It brings me great joy to announce the official relaunch for Re:Memorize, currently live on Kickstarter!

Re:Memorize Kickstarter Relaunch

For those unaware, I launched the first Kickstarter campaign back in March of 2022. Although it, unfortunately, didn’t succeed, it never stopped me from trying again. I knew I could do better, so much better… so I took two months while working on the visual novel to relaunch the Kickstarter.

I deconstructed, and reconstructed it… annnnd here it is. The final result.

I’ll link the first campaign here if you are interested in comparing the two. But overall, I have higher hopes for the relaunch. 

Tiers, Add-ons, and Strech Goals have all been adjusted.  I even added some FAQs that I've been asked a couple of times just in case for good measure.

If you are curious, or even interested in what this story is all about, maybe give the campaign a look~ Share it with a friend, or give a small tweet. Anything helps~ uwu

— ❖ —

As for the monthly progress update for the visual novel:

I'm almost finished drafting the last few CG Arts for Chapters 3. I'll be starting the drafts for Chapter 4 very soon.

At some point, the art pace will pick up, as some of the backgrounds do get reused in later chapters. So there's that. It's mainly the CG Art, character sprites, and prop art that takes the majority of the time. 

And because I'm a solo artist... well uh...  haha~ a good chunk of the work falls on me. ^^;

— ❖ —

But, that will be all for this month! Hopefully, July goes better than June.  I won't go into details, but June was just a crazy month overall...

Anyways, ciao for now~

Sincerely — Selene K

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