Re:Memorize Monthly Dev-Log (August 2022)

Chapter 2 Beta coming soon!๐Ÿ“œ | MINOR SPOILERS

Hello! Selene here, back with another monthly dev-log!

Summer has come to an end (sorta), and I've never been so busy in my life. Not only with just my daytime job, but with the visual novel as well.

I've been meaning to post more on Twitter this past month, but I didn't due to the art containing spoilers. I did, however, post a small teaser tweet in mid-August.

Teaser #1
Chapter 2 Beta Progress

Additional Details:


  • Missing 60% of story code, transition, sprites, etc.


  • CG Art: 3/6
  • Missing sprites/ sprite updates.

Music/ Sound:

  • Missing sound effects
  • Music adjustments (fade in, fade out)
Work-in-Progress CG Art: Cynthia Solo #2

Concluding notes:

A lot of the time when I'm drawing the art/ CG art, or submitting orders for music and such, I try to be as resourceful as possible.  

It's probably because I'm not made of money, or my time is valuable and I don't want to waste it drawing something I don't need for the VN. And since I have many things to consider as the project lead, sometimes (unfortunately) a couple of corners have to be cut. 

I don't want to of course, and as a (self-proclaimed) perfectionist with dyslexia (I just figured that out), my brain just works differently, which is why I might even go back and make a "definitive edition' of Re:Memorize once it's finished in the later future.

Anyways! That's all for this dev-log. The last four months of the year are going to be packed with stuff, so look forward to that~ 

Once again, thank you for your patience! ๐Ÿ’•

-Selene K. | Project Lead of Re:Memorize

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